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"Paiton" Kingsway Royal Portrait

"Paiton" Kingsway Royal Portrait

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Exclusive Canvas Print of Kingsway Royal, Paiton (16 x 20")

Celebrating Black Excellence in the Arts: A Series of Young Royalty Portraits

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and collaboration involved in creating the "Young Royalty" series, celebrating Black Excellence in the Arts. It has been an honor to capture each child as a piece of art, highlighting their unique contributions to this series of excellence.

Your students are presented in regal attire, allowing them to envision themselves as royalty and connecting them to a rich cultural heritage. The school mascot, the lion, is depicted uniquely for each Royal, aiming to capture “the essence of courage and pride.” We chose to portray each child against a chalkboard canvas of their own creation, emphasizing their role in the creative process.

These portraits not only represent Black excellence in art (per Kingsway’s theme) but also allow our children to see themselves as art/artists. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to bring home a one-of-a-kind canvas print that honors your child's strength, heritage, and creativity.

**Artwork comes hand-signed by Maia Faith with a Certificate of Authenticity

Logos will be removed upon production.

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